An excellent commercial. The clips were chosen perfectly. While the commercial was humorous in nature, the chill generated from the grainy footage coupled with the haunting faces of the subjects are enough to be effective on their own. I do have some criticisms though. Profiling only non-western human rights abusers fails to bring to light the problem's global scope . But Amnesty needs to make money somehow, I guess. And showcasing western leaders as human rights violators might do more harm then good... financially at least.

The Highest of Highs, The Lowest of Lows

I couldn’t watch the final live so I spent the entire day shielding my ears and eyes. After I got off work, I headed home and flipped it on immediately. It was painful. I have to hand it to the USA. Overall, they looked excellent. They proved they can play against anyone in the world. It’s hard to stop a team like Brazil in that situation once they score. This tournament raised some eyebrows and come next summer, the USA should be taken seriously

Confed Cup

Tomorrow, the US play Brazil in the Confederation Cup Final. After rocking the soccer world by advancing out of the group stages in place of Italy, the US defeated #1 Spain 2-0 to move to the final. Brazil has already dominated the US 3-0 in the early group stages of the tournament. Can the US pull off a third upset? Are they a team of destiny? Eh, probably not. But they’re a more talented team than most of the world thinks. If the US beats Brazil in the final tomorrow, it will be because Brazil was outplayed. And even if they don’t win, it’s hard to attribute a “loss” to the US National Team in this tournament.


So my dad was born in Canada in 1951. Within three years he emigrated from Canada with his family to the United States. By doing so, under Canadian law at the time, my dad was forced to forfeit his Canadian citizenship. Well, recently the Canadian government found it unconstitutional. So my dad was granted his citizenship back last February.

Last April another law was passed. This law granted the first generation born of a Canadian-born citizen full citizenship. I just found this out today. So, I’m Canadian. Sweet!